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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rationale behind the website?
The objective of this website is on the one hand, to introduce the public with the policy views of registered electoral subjects/mayoral candidates on the issues that are important and on the other hand, to encourage an informed, goal oriented political discussion.

How can electoral subjects/mayoral candidates feature their programs on the website?
Any electoral subject/mayoral candidate participating in the local self-government elections of 2014 can feature their programs on the website. The filled in questionnaire should be sent to:

Why there are blank pages in some answers fields?
All electoral subjects/mayoral candidates had an option not to respond to the questions of their choice.

How were the electoral subjects/mayoral candidates who have their programs featured on the website selected?
All electoral subjects/mayoral candidates taking part in the local self-government elections could have sent the filled in questionnaires. NIMD announced the creation of the website via various media sources and sent out the questionnaire to every registered electoral subject/mayoral candidate.

On which basis is the website listing the electoral subjects/mayoral candidates?  
Based on traditions of international protocol, when the equal status of participants/lists needs to be maintained, the order of the listing is determined by the order of the alphabet. For example, an a person with a surname beginning with “G” will end up being number seven in the list and so on.

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