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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Road Traffic

What measures are you intending to implement to improve the road safety conditions in the country?

Paradoxically, the capital city does not have a united traffic safety intercity (municipal) service. A most common example: The branch, which is covering the traffic light, belongs to the landscaping service, traffic lights ''belong'' to the municipal Ltd, the road belongs to some other public service while patrol police belong to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Among them the established departmental principle is „it doesn't concern me“. That is, all the structures taken individually is justified in thinking so, but in many cases it is the ordinary driver's interest that is neglected. Significant effect continues to be made on traffic safety index by the previous government's simplification of the driving license acquirement process and introducing low qualification requirements. The procurement of the required knowledge (skills) prerequisite for getting a driving license is made via the internet, while hands-on driving skills are often acquired in accidental relationships with other people. The resolution of all these problems, in case we win the elections, will be the priority of local government.

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