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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Housing Policy

What measures will you implement to create better housing conditions for the citizens of the country?

For the creation of better living conditions, it is necessary to transform our cities into intelligent urban areas ("Smart city"), which in itself involves implementation of shrewd economic policies (creation of competitive environment), intelligent people (social and human capital), an intelligent local government, smart mobility (transport and communications), an intelligent environment (natural resources), and intelligent life (quality of life) . However, before we start talking about better standards of living conditions, we should take care of the people who lost their homes. The previous government tried its best to ignore the problems of the homeless, but the current government decided to resolve the whole issue by setting up of a handful of tents for the homeless in Tbilisi. These people need help, and not just a tented winter shelter. We will carry out a state program to provide affordable housing - every year at least 100 thousand square meters will be provided to in order to deal with housing problems of such people . To make this happen, we will set up a non-profit public foundation, which will gain the working capital of 50 million laris, through interest-free state loans. Thus, these families will only be asked to cover the cost of housing, or, in other words, they will only pay a third of the current market price. The money will further complement of 100 thousand square meters.

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