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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Business and Investments

What measures will you implement in order to improve business and commercial infrastructure in the country and to attract investments?

Investment attraction is of immense importance, but this process is being hindered by the prevailing sentiment of political volatility in the country. If we overcome this issue and liberalise the taxation policy even further, in that case it will not be hard to achieve a fast rate of economic growth in a short period of time. It is patently clear that in order to achieve this end many decisions ought to be made at central government level and we thereby intend to raise these issues before it. Stage by stage, in the duration of the thee year period cuts ought to be seen in: Income tax from 20% to 12%; corporate tax from 15% to 10%; dividend tax from 5% to 2%. This will make a significant positive contribution to the creation of a better investment climate in the country and will be a fillip for both small and medium business ventures. The inevitable fall in budget revenue effected by the said tax cuts is counterbalanced, on the one hand, by the improvement of the above mentioned investment climate, and on the other, by slashing the expenditures of bureaucratic apparatuses of the government (which amounts to 350 million laris per year). It also needs to be pointed out that such attractive investment conditions can be created at local levels as well. Besides, local governments can work to popularise their regions and cities and co-operate with their respective twin towns and sister cities abroad.

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