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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Healthy food and water

What will be your policy in order to ensure access to potable water and healthy food in the country?

For the poorest among the population healthy meal is a luxury. The government's cynical attitude towards them can be expressed thus: Those who don't have enough money to buy a relatively expensive product, nothing is left to them other than to go and buy a cheaply (however harmful or of poor quality it may be) made product! This attitude shouldn't remain unchanged. It is necessary to inform the public. Drinking, as well as irrigation water, still remains a problem in some areas, when the water resources of Georgia is commonly known. It is necessary to rehabilitate the old systems but the the expenses needed for such kind of projects in many cases can not be covered by local budgets. The central government should consider such projects submitted by local municipalities as of higher priority and fund them in an appropriate manner and not in the way that it last year when the Ministry of Infrastructure couldn't master the funds allocated to it. At the same time, we need to have constant drinking water and air pollution control, in order to avoid the risk of many diseases in our society. This particular function should be the responsibility of local government health services

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