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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Infrastructure

What measures will you carry out for the betterment and development of road and business infrastructures?

Careful attention should be devoted to the streamlining of the so called internal routes; the construction projects of central roadways and Autobahns have retarded the interests of the people living in villages and boroughs. Having to rely on dirt roads still remains one of the acute problems for the village dweller, which in no way aids the development of business infrastructure. One of our main priorities will be to gain financial access from the central government in order to resolve this issue. For an efficient functioning of the capital city transport infrastructure, it is of utmost importance to put the finishing touches to the city's permanent traffic longitudinal transport public roads: Kakheti Highway should be extended. The railway network construction, which was practically 70-80% complete, ought to be drawn to its logical end. We don't have any right to throw to the wind millions laris that have already been spent on the project. The construction works of the preserved railway network, with taking into consideration all due corrective measures, should proceed! The connecting highway of Rustavi-Tbilisi should be extended in the direction of Mtskheta. There is some rethinking to be done in terms of finding new ways of modernising particular stretches of riverside routes and turning them into one-way traffic roads.

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