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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Ecology

What will be your policy to ensure the improvement of the ecological conditions and the reduction of environment pollution in the country?

The improvement of cleanliness of streets in various towns and settlements presents us with a kind of agglomerated collection of various issues. In particular, it is of vital importance to institute the household and construction waste management systems, implementation of primary household waste segregation routines by citizens and secondary waste processing industry development and, more importantly, making children culturally aware of the importance of living in clean and healthy environment. The major polluters of Tbilisi air basin are motor vehicles (according to an official report the figure stands at 95%). 80% of 900 000 cars registered in Georgia are more than 15-18 years old, in Georgia fuel quality control is not mandatory, driving environment friendly cars is not encouraged, neither is the importation of fuel efficient cars encouraged or the acquiring of the new fuel saving driving skills (ecodriving). In order to set straight all of the above mentioned, a state programme for protecting the atmospheric air from the greenhouse emissions from vehicles should be set up, which, in addition to this, involves the creation of an efficient system of monitoring the ambient air quality.

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