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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Social Policy

What will your social policy be like and what kind of social programmes will you implement in the country?

Our main focus will be on fulfilling the guarantees of the central state programs funded through local budgets. In this is considered the procurement of services and programs for social allowances; More money will be spent on streamlining registration procedures of the homeless and providing them with basic living conditions (shelter, food, personal care); We will pay more attention to preventative health care and implementation of screening programs aimed at early detection of diseases (age groups, with activities related to the genetic risk); We will take care of the environment (water, air, soil, food) with a purity of design and implementation of control measures, which will be thoroughly coordinated with the relevant activities of the central government in order to complement the overall effort in support of the environment preservation. We will make certain that the professional groups are appropriately remunerated for the indispensable work they do which is being in charge of providing major social guarantees (health, education) to the population (primary line workers of medial care, medical staff members of outpatient network, nurses, workers of pre-school educational institutions, teachers; library workers

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