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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Persons with disabilities

What measures will you implement to improve the disabled/impaired persons' movement conditions in public areas?

A common policy for the disabled should be instituted which will secure increased social mobility for all concerned. First of all, it is important to construct underground walkways as well as walkway bridges that will be adapted to the needs of the disabled, and to create special seat areas in urban transportation, and the installation of specially made lifts; fixed ramps should built into kerbs and roads and special made audio road signs should be introduced. We believe that the state should devote special attention and care for disabled citizens. We must do everything to ensure that they are given the chance of a normal life; Ensure their full integration into society; Spiritual and social life and the fulsomeness of diversity should dispel anxiety and social discomfort caused by the difficulties caused by limited capacities. Our promise is: There will not remain a place that is inaccessible for disabled citizens. We will modernise public transport in a way that does not create problems in the movement within cities. This is one of our priority tasks.

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