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Nino Burjanadze - Unified Opposition » Economic Development

What will your policy be to achieve economic development within the local governments? Please describe three priorities

Our priorities are: the human, the family and the environment. It's exactly these three segments upon which local budgetary expenditure ought to be concentrated. The freak practice lives on - the representatives of the incumbent government, just like their predecessors, are accruing large sums of money and bonuses. We will succeed in reversing this practice and shifting the focus from the employee of the local government to the rank and file citizen. There are manifold ways of cutting the budget expenditure. For instance, the pumped up budget expenditures will be significantly cut There will, at most, be a united, municipally limited car park, which public servants will be able to use as their work demands. This proposition ought to be considered by the central Government as well, so as to save the government budget millions of laris extra expenses. By saying no to public servants being served by personal cars at the expense of their respective municipal budgets. Cuts will also descend on bonuses, to which the incumbent government, just as their precursors, so regularly has recourse.

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