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Non-parliamentary Opposition » City Development

What policies will you implement in support of the urban development in the country?

The major underlying principle of urban development will be the existence of a general urban inhabitation plan in which will be safeguarded spatial arrangement and modern city planning and building standards.   

We will do our best to reverse the draconian land utilisation and development  standards, which literally hemmed a substantial part of Tbilisi residential area in a narrow space and committed genocide against a number of other city areas. 

The priorities for the general development plan of cities will be the following:  the development of protected and green areas along with the development of open public spaces; the preservation of the aspects of Old Tbilisi, prioritising the safety and comfort of movement of the pedestrian and public transport, making a positive impact on the provision of infrastructure in the areas where these are located.

Building constructions will be prohibited in historic and green zones;

every city in our country will become children-friendly inasmuch as in virtually all microdistricts will be playgrounds for kids and green and safe environment for them to soak up;

In terms of city construction and development the regulation of individual and public interests will also be considered;

For the purpose of encouraging investments in this sphere:

  • the rules for selling to developing companies undeveloped territories in the outskirts of the city will be made simpler;
  • the construction of gas networks, water supplies, drainages and roads will all be facilitated by drawing on the resources provisioned by the city budget.
  • the developers concerned will be obliged to implement their respective projects  with due consideration given to creating all the necessary conditions for providing better living standards (kindergartens, schools, cinemas, squares, etc.). 

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