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Non-parliamentary Opposition » Ecology

What will be your policy to ensure the improvement of the ecological conditions and the reduction of environment pollution in the country?
  • Municipal Cadastre will be created and systematic monitoring will be carried out on the sources of physical pollutants (atmospheric emissions, radiation, electromagnetic, vibration, noise pollution).  Monitoring data will be obtained on the basis of specific measures (fines, legal action to stop the activity, etc.);
  • the number of green areas will increase;
  • We will prohibit any kind of construction works in protected areas - no installation of any type of structures that require cutting down of green plants will be allowed; such objects, which were built illegally in the first place and already exist, will be demolished;
  • stricter controls will be imposed in order to retain high water quality;
  • disposal of solid household waste will take place not by burying or burning, but by using modern recycling technologies;
  • transfer and transport of household waste will not only take place in municipal centres, but in the villages as well;
  • allocations will be made from municipal budgets for the provision of the villages with joint sewer networks ;
  • illegal landfills will be identified and eliminated;
  • According to the practices implemented in the cities of civilised countries we will gradually move on to    instituting the same practices of waste collection and segregation;
  • Environmentally clean and efficient technologies for heating and power savings will be introduced;
  • in lieu of individual heating and hot water systems,  the newly constructed buildings will be required to install modern, environmentally friendly boiler systems. For the purpose of measurement of the consumed thermal energy and hot water, an individual measurement system will be set up, which will eradicate the possibility of confusion between neighbours. 

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