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Non-parliamentary Opposition » Social Policy

What will your social policy be like and what kind of social programmes will you implement in the country?
  • We will make sure that the minimum salary is not less than the subsistence wage;
  • we will change the approach to the rules of determining the minimum state pension rate, which will be based on a prospective pensioner's qualifications and merits;
  • we will ensure that the transfer of funds from the budget continues for the construction of the so called  „Social Houses“ for the elderly and the homeless;
  • municipal housing funds will be set up from which homeless families will be allocated resources for temporary housing;
  • we will create "environment without barriers" for the  better and more convenient movement of persons with disabilities in the city;
  • we will increase the co-funding of vital operation costs for the under aged, the same will also apply in the case of sending the patients abroad;
  • Talented students' grants will be fully funded (100%) through municipal budgets;
  • local governments will provide financial allowances to large families. 

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