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What programmes will you implement to enhance the country’s cultural life?

Cultural life in the country is dead One of the basic rights of our fellow-countrymen is not protected when they are denied the access to cultural activities, relaxation, and when they have no way of immersing themselves in the cultural life of the city according to their tastes and preferences. We will ensure that:

  • each section of the city has its own library, children's creative centre, music and arts school, sports club where all services will be at affordable prices and in some cases even free of charge;
  • no new neighbourhoods are introduced that do not have its cinemas, sports halls, stadiums and swimming pools, whereas in the existing neighbourhoods where such amenities are already lacking, everything will be done to provide them with all the above mentioned educational and entertainment facilities.  The funding needed for such construction projects will be covered by City Hall;
  • each and every district will have well-equipped kindergartens which will not serve as some kind storage units for children but will be able to satisfy every possible standard in childcare, mental and physical upbringing and relaxation;
  • the practice of providing illegal commercial services is eliminated in kindergartens and we'll make certain that all the necessary expenses are provided for through the funding from the city budget. 

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