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What will your policy be to achieve economic development within the local governments? Please describe three priorities

One of our main priorities will be to provide support for smallholders. Our ultimate objective is to make certain that the smallholder has additional sources of income other than his/her smallholding.

To this end, we will develop an initiative titled „One Factory for each Village“ and create a mechanism that will ensure their unrestricted access to various concessions and preferential allowances:

  • Those with real and valid plans to build factories in the countryside will be given plots of land for free.
  • The areas concerned will be provided with communications, water, electricity and gas;

Our second course will be to provide support for small and medium sized enterprises.  To this end we will set up a small enterprise assistance fund which will provide long-term loans with 4-5% interest rate per annum to those who wish to set up or expand their businesses.  

The third course in our general plan will be to support micro businesses by offering them benefits, fixed tax rates and much more uncluttered and simplified ways of dealing with tax offices.  

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