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Georgian Dream » Road Traffic

What measures are you intending to implement to improve the road safety conditions in the country?
  • Additional traffic radars will be installed on the whole territory of Georgia;
  • Special attention will be paid to the control of freight and passenger transport exploitation rules;
  • The Patrol Police will take responsive measures in case of the violation of the following vehicle exploitation rules: traffic without tachographs or with tachographs that are switched off/out of order, meeting work and rest time requirements by drivers etc. For the purpose, the traffic police will be equipped by tachograph readers;
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs will take part in the installation of traffic signs and road marking;
  • The Patrol Police routes will be added and area of their operation will be extended to the places not covered by them earlier;
  • The vehicle fleet of the Patrol Police will be upgraded. Patrol Police infrastructure rehabilition works will be implemented. The Patrol Police will be further equipped with modern equipment;
  • The Ministry of Internal Affiars will pay a great attention to improving professional skills of the members of the staff responsible for road safety;
  • In order to decrease the number of road accidents and administrative offenses, information campaigns about the need to observer road safety rules and dangers resulting from disobeying traffic regulations and respective consequences will be conducted;
  • The legislative framework is planned to be reviewed to impose respective administrative fees, eradicate legal discrepancies and bring regulations in line with the current legislation.

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