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What measures are you intending to implement to improve the public transport system countrywide?

The government of Georgia has paid a lot of attention to the development of the public transport system for the past several years. The development of public transport and its regulation has a great importance for the local population and visitors of the country.  In the coming years, the government of Georgia plans to regulate the intercity public transport (work on legislative amendments is underway) as well as the transport of the capital and other cities and resorts taking environmental factors into account. The implementation of a new tram project and rope way construction will be a step forward in terms of “green transport” development. Moreover, the public tnrasport fleet should be upgraded in the whole country, especially in cities, because the vehicles do not meet modern requirements, both in terms of service quality (comfort) and environment. Furthermore, according to the Associated Agreement with the Europe, Georgia’s transport system is required to perform indicators of respective EU directives in five years.

The high level of urbanization in Tbilisi (a big number of vehicles), poor traffic organization and pedestrian/driver behavior leads to traffic jams at certain times of the day.  In order to deal with this problem the government and the City Hall will have to make a number of measures.  

Attention should be also paid to the construction of the bicycle patch nework in the capital and other cities (some steps have been already made in Batumi and Kutaisi) as well as to the promotion of this mode of transport generally.

We think that in case of the implementation of the above mentioned projects and plans, the public transport of the country will become more environmentally friendly, comfortable and tailored to the needs of the local population and the visitors of the country.

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