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Georgian Dream » Housing Policy

What measures will you implement to create better housing conditions for the citizens of the country?

The creation of a strategy for the development of homeowners associtations in the first place and then the action plan is important to make sure that mayor’s offices of all cities and towns of Georgia have   clear vision in respect of the development of such associations. Moreover, citizens must be informed on the associations as well as  their rights. This may take place in a number of ways. For instance: holding meetings with the population, making video footages and dissaminating them through mass media  etc;

Moreover, it is important  to set up an efficient system, in which problems will be identified, suppliers will be selected and other decisions will be made by the association rather than by the so-called chairman of the building;

As for elevators, more flexible scheme may be developed: Introduction of the e-system for the use of elavators, which will help prevent corrupt practices and improper spending of funds. The elevator fee may be paid by public transportation cards (the so-called „Metromoney“ card), which will make it simpler and more comfortable to use elevators. The e-payment system will help accurately record the number of passengers, the amount paid etc;

As part of the homeowners association program, apartment building roof repair and common yard improvement works will be financed.

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