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Georgian Dream » Healthy food and water

What will be your policy in order to ensure access to potable water and healthy food in the country?

The policy aimed at improving the legal and regulatory enviroment will be pursued to ensure access of the population to potable water and healthy food, which will rule out spread of the diseases associated with the consumption of food. This policy will also contribute to increasing quality and competitive ability of national products both on the local and foreign markets.  The Georgian legislation will be gradually harmonized with that of the EU. To that end, the state will support business operators to introduce modern standards into their work. At the same time, the tranditional methods of producing food at the household level will be maintained. The state will support the development of laboratory capabilities, improve plant and animal health  protection regualation systems. Agricultural products at border check-points will undergo tighter veterinary and phytosanitary control, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of the spread of animal and plant diseases. A consistent information campaign will be conducted to raise people’s awareness of food safety and promote sound competition.  The media and civil society representatives will be actively involved in the campaign. The government will support to the extend possible the safe food consumption and healthy eating campaign.

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