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What measures will you take with the aim of improving the quality of primary health care service and for making it more affordable?

Primary helth care services are either free for the population or they have to make a minimal co-payment, irrespective of their place of residence and financial status.

Each person in the primary health care is allocated an annual amount (either based on capitation or the budget method). The amount is defined according to the geographical coverage area of the population.  The population will be financed based on the number of registered people. After the development of the patient registration system, patients will be able to select their own team of family physicians, therefore capitaion financing will be linked to the patient. This mechanism will promote competition between service providers, which will lead to an increase in the quality of service. All citizens will have access to basic outpatient services, which will be provided for the population near the place of residence by a family physician or a general therapeutist and pediatrician together with their primary health care team.  The group also involves general practice nurses and (or) obstetricians.

This includes the following services:

  • Consulting services in outpatient clinics and at patient’s home both for treatment and prophylaxis;
  • Functional-diagnostic and laboratory tests;
  • Referral to the second and third-level medical facilities;
  • Measures for the protection of reproductive health (including, superivision of women during pregnancy, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, supervision over child growth and development);
  • Measures for the management of tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases and other non-infectious chronic conditions;
  • Also public health promotiong measures such as evaluation of the health needs of the population, immunization, identification of health risks in the community, informing the population on health issues, their education, mobilization of the community to identify and deal with health problems, promotion of healthy lifestyle.

The “rural doctor” program will be launched. There will be no community (including in mountainous regions) without access to doctor’s services.

Physical infrastructure required for providing primary medical services will envisage the following: (a) peculiarities of functioning of service providers; (b) patient’s needs and rights (confidentiality and comfort); (c) construction and engineering standards (d) economic parameters. 

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