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Georgian Dream » Infrastructure

What measures will you carry out for the betterment and development of road and business infrastructures?

Complex works are planned for road and business infrastructure development in the following years. In particular:

  • Improve conditions of roads through right distribution of resources and modern planning;
  • Create and develop safe, comfortable and efficient motor road network of international standards suitable for Georgian relief and environment; construction and reconstruction of new trunk-roads and planned reconstruction of current roads;
  • Reconstruction of not reconstructed and priority parts of intrastate and local roads (including in rural areas); coordinate respective activities of the central and municipal governments; bring the roads closer to international standards; plan road maintenance works in the right manner to ensure their long-term use;
  • Itegrate the transport system of Georgia with that of the international system and support the smooth operation of the international transit netowork;
  • Increase the quality of construction/reconstruction of motor roads and improve the respective management systems;
  • Improve the transport infrastructure in many directions and develop logistic centers; Support increase and development of  the transport system capacities (road, road side, railway and port infrastructure, airport reconstruction and construction of cargo terminals, creation of logistics centers etc.). The priority will be given to finishing the construction of the East-West Highway and the new Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line, developing the Kutaisi Intenational Airport (increasing the length of airpot runway and constructing cargo terminals) and implement the Anaklia deep sea port project;
  • In order to develop logistics centers, infastrucutral, multimedia and intermodal shippings  will be promoted;
  • In order to increase competitiveness of transit corridors, efforts will be made for the integration into international transport systems and  enhancement of regional cooperation; sea routes will be developed (including ferry transers) to connect the transport corridor that crosses Georgia with the key lines of the Trans-European transport network corridor; to develop transit shipments at the state level, the through rates will be introduced for transit corridors with the neighboring states (on certain cargo).

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