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Georgian Dream » Trade and Agriculture

What policies will you implement for the betterment of trade conditions, agriculture and economic capabilities for the benefits of rural population?

To foster development of trade and the agriculture sector in rural areas and improve economic capabilities of the local population the state will support the land and capital market development in order to attract new technologies and capital, which will improve living conditions of the population and their economic capabilities.  Special measures will be drafted and implemented to create non-agricultural workplaces in rural areas.  This, together with agriculture development efforts will significantly reduce poverty in villages. Along with the development of Farmers’ Registry a long-term target programs will be launched/continued to improve access to relatively cheap long-term financial resources and agricultural materials. The state will support the introduction of leasing, insurance and other financial tools.  It will take care to open warehouses (for keeping products), set up slaughterhouses and other facilities. Through the implementation of the cooperative programs, the state will contribute to the growth of scale of activities, which will reduce the self-value of produced goods and increase their sale.  Moreover, it will improve traceability of products and support the formation of farmers’ markets. To support introduction of modern technologies and improve knowledge, a policy aimed at the creation of modern system of agricutural education and science, consultancy and extension services will be implemented. The government effors will be directed towards the improvement of the quality and supply of agricultural technologies, materials and services. In order to improve food safety and farmers’ conditions in the country, measures will be taken to ugrade agricultural infrastructure. The policy focused on food safety will increase competitive edge of Georgian products in the global and local markets; consumers will have access to quality and safe food. The state will support attraction of foreign investment and improve relations between Georgia and international trade organizations, introduce appropriate trade standards and pursue respective policy to protect Georgian geographical indications  on the international market. In order to increase competitiveness of agriculture and agrobusiness, replace import and encourage export, the attention will be focused on the introduction of environmentally friendly production practices and protection of unique animal and plant species in Georgia. 

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