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What are you intending to do to develop sports activities and to ensure the enhancement of healthy lifestyle along with the development of recreation and sports infrastructure?

The key objective of the sport policy is to promote a healthy lifestyle, bring up healthy generation and support getting rid of pernicious habits. Through pursuing a consistent state policy a healthy lifestyle will be promoted in the following directions: improving health of children and adolescents and taking care of their harmonious development, setting up a unified educational system, dealing with drug addiction and substance abuse, replacing the “inert lifestyle” by a physically active life. Mass participation in sports activities will improve physical health and promote a healthy lifestyle among population. This will create a strong basis for the development of the types of sport in which Georgia has exceptional achievements. Mass involvement in sports activities will promt the following positive trends:

Prevention of crime – Playing sports in their free time is a good opportunity for children and adolescents to spend their energy and get rid of aggression.

Disease preventionMass participation in sports activities will contribute to disease prevention;

Improved academic achievements – support physical and mental development of students through their involvement in sports and physical activities; 

Promote patriotism – Involvement in sports promotes patriotism and enhances the defense capabilities of the country;

The sports infrastructure will develop in line with the unified state policy, in particular following measures will be taken: develop standards for the maintenance and accessibility of sports infrastructure, set up legal framework for investment attraction, define norms for commercial use of sports infrastructure, incorporate a sport component in standards for giving authorization and accreditation to public and private educational institutions (availability of min. sports infrastructure, sport programs), further install exercise machines in cities and rural areas, construct gyms, create electronic guides for sports infrastructure.

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