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Georgian Dream » Ecology

What will be your policy to ensure the improvement of the ecological conditions and the reduction of environment pollution in the country?

To improve ecological conditions and reduce environment pollution the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection will take the following complex measures in the years to come:

  • Bring closer/harmonize environmental legislation of the country with the EU directives;
  • Control regularly the quality of country’s water resources and air both in cities and regions;
  • Control regularly polluting substances in order to improve the quality of water in lakes and Black Sea coastal waters;
  • Upgrade the vehicle fleet of the country and introduce new requirements regarding emissions;
  • Introduce tighter regulations that call for the introduction of environmentally friendly techonogies by enterprises;
  • Introduce Extended Producer Reponsiblity (EPR), which implies making a manufacturer responsible  for the expenses associated with the waste reduction, management  and disposal;
  • Develop regulatory framework for waste management. Improve the condition of landfills; set up recycling enterprises;
  • Set up natural disaster forecasting and fast notification system to reduce number of victims and damage to the extent possible;
  • Introduce mechanisms for the promotion of biodifersity, including mechanisms for the protection of endangered species and improvement of their conditions and habitat;
  • Introduce European practice of managing, recording and using reasonably natural resources, including forests;
  • Take measures against illegal logging and timber trade;
  • Increase public access to information about envrionment protection and education;
  • Ensure involvement of the public at an early stage of a decision-making process, including cases of issuing the Environmental Impact Permit. 

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