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What measures will you adopt in order to improve the general health care indicators in the country?

The following measures will be taken for the purpose:

  1. Improve health care system management and organization (introduction of the evidence-based policy cycle);
  2. Increase efficiency of the health care financing system (increase the portion of public spending on inpatient and outpatient services and public health care in the public spending on health care, and cost optimization);
  3. Improve organization of providing  medical services (hospital sector development, primary health care development, organization of emergency medical services and health care services in penal system facilities);
  4. Human resources (providing motivated and qualifided medical staff for the system);
  5. Improve physical accessibility and affordability of effective medical services (increase physical and geographic accessibility to medical services, make medical services more affordable, improve access to medications);
  6. Improve quality and safety (tigher control of patient safety and medical service quality);
  7. Ensure financial protection and fairness (equal distribution of health care financing burden; protection of population from big health care spending);
  8. Protect patients’ rights (development of the mediation service, reduction of information barriers to accessing medical services);
  9. Promote health and a healthy lifestyle (raise public awareness of main risk factors and public health care risks ­; increase participation in screening and early detection programs);
  10. Improve clinical outcomes and increase satisfaction with medical serivces;
  11. Improve population health (reduce morbidity and mortality associated with specific conditions, for example: maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases etc.)

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