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What will your social policy be like and what kind of social programmes will you implement in the country?

The social security policy of Georgia is based on targeted assistance. The key principle of the state is still providing resources to the poorest. At the same time, the state will make sure that the assistance is provided for the right targets by using different tools.  The next stage of the social sector reform will have the following objectives:

  • Improve the social policy in line with the govermental program „For Strong, Democratic, and United Georgia“;
  • Retain the age pension scheme (subsistance rate) and introduce at the same time the contributory pension scheme;
  • Review/iprove evaluation techniques and administration scheme of social and economic conditions of socially unsecure households to better reflect the needs of children and households with children in the program on the one hand and increase the scope of the program based on the unbiased information on the other hand;
  • Introduce assistance programs for disadvantaged households with children to meet the needs of such households;
  • Form the accurate identification system for the evaluation of the need for social services, improve services defined on the needs assessment basis and provide the services to the beneficiaries;
  • Standardization of social services;
  • Create a competitive environment of providers of social services using the mechanism of financing vouchers linked to a beneficiary;
  • Support expansion of community organizations and day care centers for persons with disabilities (PWD);
  • Set up different services for homeless children (so-called street children) to meet the emergency needs of such children.  They will provide full rehabilitation services for children living and working in the streets;
  • Open shelters for homeless children;
  • Support rehabilitation of war veterans;
  • Provide PWD with assistive devices;
  • Solve demographic problems (providing allowances for every third and following child).

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