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Georgian Dream » Safety and Crime

Within the limits of your competence, what measures will you implement to fight against crime and carry out crime prevention activities?
  • Fight against organized crime will continue. Information campaigns will be conducted to increase public awareness on the issues.  Capabilities of the structural subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA) will further improve;
  • In order to improve public awareness of consequences of the use drugs and pshychotropic agents anti-drug campaigns will continue. To prevent the use of homemade drugs the pharmaceutical products of the above mentioned group will be further controlled;
  • Special attention will be paid to improving awareness of schools about crime, offenses and public order. Interactive discussions will be held on reasons causing crime, threats and consequences;
  • Material and technical base of MoIA structural subdivisions will be updated and professional skills of the personnel will increase.  Criminalisic examination capabilities will improve;
  • In 2014 Master's Program in the Police Regulation Law will be launched, which will help increase professional skills of the MoIA personnel;
  • The identification of places with the risk of human trafficking continues. Persons from the risk groups have been surveyed to identiy the possible facts of trafficking;
  • The MoIA along with different governmental bodies plans to implement proactive activitities in respect of homeless children (so-called street children). In particular, the MoIA will be actively involved in the identification of the children and implementation of the measures aimed at raising their awareness about people trafficking.  The MoIA will also take part in other activities supporting homeless children;
  • In order to prevent crime and increase efficiency of fighting crime, the MoIA will keep on legal drafting activities;
  • Great attention will be paid to the promotion of international cooperation in order to increase efficiency of fight against crime.

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