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What measures will you take with the aim of improving the quality of education?

Education is the main tool which helps reach stable economic development and build knowledge-based democratic society made up of economically active citizens respecting national and common to all manking values.

The general education policy and a new strategy will aim to increase the quality of eduction and guarantee equal access for all students irrispective of their age, gender, ethnic and social backgrounds, place of living and mental and physical abilities. All students will have safe and motivating educational environment, the teaching-learning process evaluation will become flexible, versatile, transparent, objective and fair.  Reviewing the national curricula and textbooks, training teachers in modern teaching methods, integrating modern technologies into the learning pocess, promoting a healthy life style, cultural and sport activites,  improving teaching of the state language to ethnic minorities – all these measures will help students succeed. Promotion of enterprising education and professional orientation & carrier planning courses will inform students about different professions and labor market trends and help them choose their future profession.

Management and financing mechanisms will be focused on strengthening and developing schools. School infrastructure will improve in line with modern standards, student transportation programs will provide access to schools.

Progress in education will be assessed based on the international and national evaluation systems. It is especially important to improve student awareness of vocational education, because the urban development of the country requires qualified staff, which can be prepared by this very developed vocational education system. To improve the quality of vocational education, it is planned to involve municipal enterprises in work experience internship programs. All citizens of the capital irrespective of their age and social background will have an opportunity to attend training courses to protect the principle of lifelong learning and support social and personal development of each person. Special attention will be paid to matching the requirements of the labor market by students and the quality of vocational education, which will increase employment opportunities for graduates and trained persons.

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