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What programmes will you implement to enhance the country’s cultural life?

In 2013 the Ministry of Culture and Science defined 10 key priorities. In the same year it started developing the concept of culture.   In 2014 the Ministry of Culture and Science embarked on a process of developing its first cultural policy document. The cultural policy is the combination of guiding principles and norms of the country in the field of culture.  The Ministry of Culture priorities are as follows:

  • Maintain the unique nature of the Georgian culture, protect and develop material and non-material cultural heritage of Georgia;
  • Support creation and restoration of culture oasises in the regions of Georgia; use culture as one of the driving force for the country’s regional development; involve Georgia’s regions in the international cultural life;
  • Foster development of modern art, support intercultural dialogue for the promotion of Georgian culture and integration of Georgian artists into the international art world;
  • Support education in the field of art in the capital and regions;
  • Launch cultural projects in conflict regions as part of the confidence building process;
  • Create a favorable legislative environment to foster successful cooperation between the public and private sector and support fields of culture;
  • Support development of cultural industries (the cultural tourism, cinema, design, fashion, people’s craft);
  • Involve actively national minorities living in Georgia in the public life through the presentation of cultural diversity; 
  • Give access to socially vulnerable groups of population to different fields of culture;
  • Support involvement of Georgian communities abroad in the cultural life of the country. 

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