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What will your policy be to achieve economic development within the local governments? Please describe three priorities

The goal of the government of Georgia is to provide inclusive economic growth to make sure that each citizen is involved in the process and enjoys the achieved results. Regional development is attached great importance in providing inclusive economic growth. Specific measures are to be taken, which implies involving self-goverments and meeting their needs in accordance with the development priorites of separate regions.

Development of the agricultural sector, in which over 50% of the population is employed, is the government priority. The added value created in the field accounts for only 9,3% of the GDP. As part of the agricultural policy:  the questions related with the use of land plots will be regulated; services and materials will be provided for the agricultural sector;  farmers will be provided with immediately available funds.

As a result of the policy tens of thousands of workplaces will be created in the field. Support of SME development is one of the priority directions of the country’s economic policy. The government of Georgian will foster SME development, which will boost investment into the private sector and innovations. Family and small business development fund will be created; a competitive environment will be created through restricting cartel agreements; taxation procedures will be simplified.

Business incubators and other institutions nurturing the development of small enterprises will be set up and supported;  information and consulting services will be provided to SME nationwide.

The fair competition policy on the one hand and SME support on the other will lead to the growth of production and income.

Tourism – all Georgian regions are rich in historical and cultural monuments, traditional winemaking areas, natural resources and balneo-therapeutic health centers. 

Cultural and historical heritage and unique geographical location of each region provide a huge potential for tourism development. In this respect, it is important to implement infrastructure projects, which will contribute to the attraction of investment, development of the service sector and creation of the employment opportunities for the local population.  

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