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United National Movement » Economic Development

What will your policy be to achieve economic development within the local governments? Please describe three priorities

We have supported the small-size government, economic liberalization, debureacratization and reduction of state regulations. The UNM keeps on lobbying these approaches in the highest legislative body of the country. The following steps should be taken by the authorities today:

  • Reduce the income tax, abolish taxes on dividends and royalties as well as excise duties on oil products and natural gas;
  • Declare a moratorium on legislative amendments that affect the economic environment;
  • Announce tax amnesty and decriminalize economic/financial crime.

We think that introduction and development of local self-governments significantly conributes to the welfare of society. We will support decentralization of the state system and reinforcement of local self-government institutions through transferring certain competencies to them.

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The Project: Support to the Development of Democratic Institutions in the South Caucasus is funded by the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands to Georgia. Visit the Embassy’s Facebook page for more information on their activities.