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Saluashvili Mikheil

Political Party:

For the Name of the Lord- the Lord is our Truth

Date of Birth/Place

1958-07-16, Tbilisi


In 1975 he finished Tbilisi Public School №7б; in 1980 he graduated from Georgian Polytechnic Institute faculty of Civil Engineering, specializing in industrial and civil construction. In 1980 he completed two-year courses of Ilia Chavchavadze Tbilisi State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages and of Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Social Science. Mikheil Saluashvili finished post-graduate studentship of Georgian Polytechnic Institute in 1986. On 11 December 1987 he defensed PHD (candidate of science dissertation). He was awarded the scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences on 11 May 1988. On 24 April 1992 by the Technical University Scientific Council resolution, he became an assistant professor at the department of building structures.

Work Experience

In 1979-1980 he worked in the student design bureau "Construction"; in 1980 he worked in construction division and in 1980-1982 in the Georgian Space Constructions Institute. In 1983-1989, he held the following positions: assistant, teacher and senior teacher at Georgian Polytechnic Institute, at the faculty of № 67 "Steel Structures". In 1990-1991 he was "Cycle of Civil Defense" associate professor of the above mentioned institute and head of the cycle, while in1991-1995 he was the deputy head of department №21 “Building Constructions”- head of “Defensive Buildings”. Mikheil Saluashvili became the member of “Young Scientist Club” in 1984. On 31 March 1991 at local government elections he was elected as deputy of the first municipality of Tbilisi Saburtalo district by to the election list of “Round Table-free Georgia”. At the first session of the council he was appointed secretary (chairman) and the member of the Tbilisi Municipality. Political organization, the Union of Justice Organization "The Voice of the Nation" was founded in January 1992; in 1992 and 1995 he took run in the parliamentary elections of Georgia. In 1993, he founded the newspaper Ltd. "The Choice"; in 1996 Ltd TV / Radio Company "Voice of the Nation"; in 1996 Ltd publishing house “Voice of the Nation 2”. Since 9 April 1996 he has launched publishing of newspaper “Zviadi Road”. On 15 December 1996 together with his followers he established Georgia Spiritual Mission Research “Lazarus Institute” and since its establishment he is its chairman. On 4 January 1997 he published the first number of newspaper “The Miracle of Mother Tongue”. Since 2003 he has been a member of “Abkhazian Warriors Union”; in 2003-2004 he held the position of advisor to the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia; he was the Assembly chairman of the Union of Justice Restoration "The Voice of the Nation" in 1992-2011; since 23 December 2011 he is the head of lascar of the above mentioned union. Inventions: In 1985 he took part in the World Young Inventors achievements exhibition "Bulgaria 85" with own models. Also, in 1987, he participated in the exhibition of achievements in the industry, taking place in Moscow. According to the existing status he is: an author of 86 monographs, 59 scientific works and about 2000 newspaper publications. On 26 May 1993, he published and presented Georgian Constitution Draft to the State Constitutional Commission. Also he is an author of 9 legal collections dedicated to the constitution subject. Since 1988 he has actively involved in the national - liberation movement; in 1989-1990 he was a member of “Georgian Public Front” and “Georgian National Front-Radical Union” (1990-1992).

Family status

He has two sons.

Supported by

The Project: Support to the Development of Democratic Institutions in the South Caucasus is funded by the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands to Georgia. Visit the Embassy’s Facebook page for more information on their activities.