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Melia Nika

Political Party:

United National Movement

Date of Birth/Place

1979-12-21, Tbilisi


Nika Melia finished Tbilisi N47 Public School. In 2002 he graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of State Security of Georgia and was granted the qualification of a lawyer. In 2006 he received master’s degree at Oxford Brookes University, Faculty of International Relations.

Work Experience

In 2002-2003 Nika Melia worked as a detective at the Ministry of Security of Georgia. In 2007 he worked as an adviser at the Defense and Public Order Department, at the office of the National Security Council of Georgia. In 2007-2008 he worked as an adviser in the State Security Department of the same office. In 2008-2009 he was the deputy chairman of the National Enforcement Bureau. In 2009-2010 he worked as the chairman of the bureau. In 2010 he worked as head of the LEPL the National Agency of Execution of Non-Custodial Sentences and Probation at the Ministry of Corrections, Probation and Legal Assistance. In 2010 he was the head of Tbilisi Enforcement Bureau of the National Bureau of Enforcement. In 2010-2012 he worked as the chairman of the bureau. Since 2010 he has worked as acting Gamgebeli (head of the municipal government) in the Old Tbilisi Municipal Government (Gamgeoba).

Family status

Nika Melia has father, Anzor Melia, born in 1947. Anzor Melia is General Director of “Heart” Cardiology Clinic; his mother Nana Tsanava, born in 1952, is a housewife and his sister Tamar Melia, born in 1978, is the director of „Heart“ Cardiology Clinic.

Supported by

The Project: Support to the Development of Democratic Institutions in the South Caucasus is funded by the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands to Georgia. Visit the Embassy’s Facebook page for more information on their activities.